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Members Only Section Being Added

A member's only area is being added to the website and is currently being tested to see if it works as planned.  All other pages and links have not been changed and are working properly.


To have access to the Members Only Pages you must be a paid member.  If you have not paid you annual fees go back to the Home Page and click on the Moneybags icon for instructions.

Once paid you will need to:

  1. Register by going to the italicized line in the picture header on the SCPC News page, it should read "Log in".  At this point a registration page should appear.

  2. Complete the registration page with your name and email address and submit it to the Club.   The password is: Court456!

  3. If you have a paid membership the Club will approve you and you will get a response e-mail saying you are approved,

  4. Once approved, to enter the site go to the website and  log in with your e-mail address.  At this point you should be able to access the Members Only pages (the List of Members, Financial Statements etc.)

If this all works I will be pleasantly surprised, but my experience is that  this will be a one step at a time process.  Do not spend a lot of time  trying to make it work if it doesn't appear to be working. Please let me know at what point the difficulties arose at:




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