At present the South Cowichan Pickleball Club is simply a name that has been registered as a Society using the Provinces' model bylaws. Currently the Society has no paid members with: Rick Hollingworth, Brian Johnson and Laurie Vasey listed as Directors.


The purpose of establishing this Society, in the near term, is to use the weight of club membership numbers to lobby government and service organizations for funding to increase access to pickleball venues in the South Cowichan Area (Electoral Areas A through E).  Currently the South Cowichan Area has 32% of the CVRD’s population and no free play dedicated outdoor courts and no indoor courts in the winter.

The original plan was to hold a first meeting to amend the bylaws, determine the annual dues, elect directors and conduct a membership drive at the Kerry Park Recreation Centre when it opened up in April.  Obviously this did not happen, and is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future.  Therefore, an Expression of Interest in joining the SCPC from people who have attended sessions at Kerry Park over the past few years was circulated.  To date over 70 players have confirmed their interest.

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