• CVRD Approves Six Dedicated Outdoor Courts for the Kerry Park Site

  • Cowichan Cricket Club Site Development Approval Application Made

  • 2021/22 Membership Fees Established – Early Bird Discount Available

CVRD Approves Six Dedicated Outdoor Courts for the Kerry Park Site


We are pleased to inform you that the CVRD Board has approved borrowing funds to allow for the development of six dedicated outdoor pickleball courts on the Kerry Park Recreation Centre site (see yellow box for the possible location).

There is also a possibility that a grant funding application submitted, by the CVRD, to the Province of BC for a Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP) grant will be successful.  The grant application included the six pickleball courts at the Kerry Park site, plus: outdoor washroom facilities, additional parking, and landscaping.  If this is successful the borrowing will not be required.  Decisions on the successful grant applications will be communicated in March.  

KP Site.jpg

In either scenario these courts will be fully funded either by the CVRD or the Province.  Previously the Kerry Park Recreation Commission informed us that if they were to approve the project it would be on a cost shared basis (i.e. fundraising would be required).  As the courts will now be 100% funded, fundraising is no longer required to develop the courts.  However, there may be additional amenities not included in the eventual site plan that SCPC members could consider fundraising for that would improve the pickleball experience (e.g. nets between courts, shaded areas, benches etc.).

Cowichan Cricket Club Site Development

Approval Application Made

In our last e-mail we had stated that we were also looking at other potential venues for outdoor courts.  To this end, on January 18th an application was made to the CVRD for development approval of four pickleball courts at the site of the Cowichan Cricket and Sports Club on Elford Rd. in Shawnigan Lake. 

The South Cowichan Pickleball Club, although supportive of the courts at the Cricket Club site, is not a party to the application.  The Cricket Club alone made the application, with the input of a few of our Club members.

If developed on the Cricket Club site, play would be on  a membership and guests of members basis.  Annual fees are expected to be affordable. The SCPC has a stated goal of increasing the number of courts in the South Cowichan area, whether through public or private court access.  This is similar to the CVRD tennis structure that provides for a mix of public and private facilities.   The Club believes there exists a demand for both private and public courts.  It is projected that the development plan approval process may take three to four months prior to a decision.

Red Cricket Ball

What Has The Club Been Up To?


  • Incorporation of the South Cowichan Pickleball Club in December 2019 as a non-profit Society

  • Presentations to the CVRD Electoral Areas Services Committee and the Kerry Park Recreation Commission

  • Establishing a bank account at Island Savings in Mill Bay in the SCPC’s name

  • E-mail to a list of players who played at Kerry Park inquiring of their interest in joining the Club

  • Multiple communications with Chair of Kerry Park Recreation Commission and the Manager of the Kerry Park facility

  • Physical site investigation at both Kerry Park and the Cricket Club site

  • Formal letter to Kerry Park Commission requesting courts that became the focal point for budget approval

  • Information provided by the SCPC used in a feature article by Blaise Salmon the South Cowichan Life magazine

  • Presentation to the Cricket Club Annual General Meeting

  • Numerous other meetings and discussion with Cricket Club resulting in an application to CVRD for courts

  • Development and maintenance of our website

  • Repeated advocacy for courts at Area Planning Committee meetings for Mill Bay

Important!!  We have primarily reached out to those that we know, or that played at Kerry Park.  As such, we would appreciate it if our members forwarded the February Update e-mail to others in the wider community with an interest in pickleball. Thank-you.

2021/22 Fees Membership Established –

Early Bird Discount Available


These are challenging times to be a start-up club given the lack of ability to hold large meetings and the challenge of holding Zoom meetings with a large number of participants (and which may exclude some less tech savvy participants).  However under the Societies Act the SCPC must have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and must report annually.  Therefore, an AGM with the current Directors and a limited agenda was held on February 15, 2021.

At the 2020 AGM the South Cowichan Pickleball Club determined that:

  • The fiscal year will be from April 1 to March 31 (this corresponds to the Pickleball BC year-end)

  • The 2021/22 membership fee will be:

  • $5.00 per person, if paid before March 31, 2021 (an early bird incentive), and

  • $10.00 per person, if paid after March 31, 2021.


Fee payments can be made through Interac e-transfer PayPal or by cheque.  On the home page click on the fee payment icon in the upper right hand corner of the home page for instructions. 


Fee payments will help defray expenses incurred to date including incorporation fees and web hosting.

Hopefully everyone is getting in a few games!!

Stay safe and have fun.