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What is the maximum size of a pickleball paddle? 

See the USAPA Rules link for the answer.

What’s My Rating?


One of the biggest question players have (or argue with other players about!) is their Rating. You have probably heard, ‘I’m a 4.5’ or ‘You’re not a 4.5!’, around your local pickleball court.


The truth is, pickleball has a player rating system and it does follow some guidelines, but overall it can be a bit subjective.

See the rating guide here

Farnsworth Rd. Lock Box

Contact for the lock code

Winter outdoor open play is going on strong at Kerry Park.​
If the temperatures are above +5 or so and no rain,
there are usually games happening. Check it out.

The lastest Pickleball Magazine's Nov/Dec issue below




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REGISTRATION is now open for MEMBERSHIP with Pickleball Canada, Pickleball BC and South Cowichan Pickleball Club.Click on the following URL:

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