What’s My Rating?


One of the biggest question players have (or argue with other players about!) is their Rating. You have probably heard, ‘I’m a 4.5’ or ‘You’re not a 4.5!’, around your local pickleball court.


The truth is, pickleball has a player rating system and it does follow some guidelines, but overall it can be a bit subjective.

See the rating guide here


What is the maximum size of a pickleball paddle? 

See the USAPA Rules link for the answer.


The Club's AGM was held last night with 22 members in attendance; we would like to sincerely thank those who came out. 

The minutes of the meeting can be found here.....

The 2021/22 Board members are:

President - Joan Wright

Treasurer - Rick Hollingworth

Secretary  - TBD

Social Directors - Sharyn Higginson and Ute Wright

Directors at Large - Brian Johnson, Laurie Vasey and Sherry Saunderson​



Latest News

  • The results of our August survey are in.

  • Cricket Club site now taking membership applications.

  • Reminder, the AGM will be held on Tuesday, September 21 at 5:30PM.


A development permit for four courts at the Cowichan Cricket Club site on Elford Road in Shawnigan Lake has been issued.

Construction is planned to commence in late June with an expected completion date by the end of the summer. Click on the button below to see the site plan.

Final decisions have not been made, but it is envisioned that until the Kerry Park courts open, the Cricket Club courts will be available for South Cowichan Pickleball Club members on a drop-in basis.

A drop-in fee in the range of $3 to $5 per two hour session will be charged. Final details on court access will be provided at a later date.


The CVRD, Parks and Trails Division, has advised the Club that:

  • The multi-purpose court at Huckleberry Park is a community park that is not designated for pickleball (hence no lines). 

  • As Kerry Park was unavailable for a period this spring and then only available for singles play, and with Farnsworth the only other option, the CVRD turned a blind eye to the taping of courts and the playing of games.

  • A number of household members in the immediate area have recently complained about access to the courts. With school now out the demand for access to these courts is only going to increase.

  • Bottom line – The bylaw officer will be charged with ensuring the Huckleberry Park courts are not used for pickleball going forward.     


Guidelines/Information for returning to play

Breaking news: June 15, 2021


The June 15th announcement from PHO continues to lift many of the restriction to pickleball play in BC. BC is now in Step 2 of the Return to Sport plan. 

Basic expectations below are still in effect:

  • Physical distancing of 2 m off the court is still required indoors and outdoors

  • Masks must be worn indoors

  • Do not come to any venue if you are sick

  • Hand hygiene is expected

  • Cleaning of high touch point surfaces is required. Balls and paddles should be cleaned after play.

Outdoor play:

  • Travel to more than one facility is now allowed

  • Physical distancing on the court is not required

  • Maximum group size is 50 people

  • Competition is allowed

  • 50 spectators allowed  

Indoor play:

  • Travel to more than one facility is allowed.

  • Physical distancing on the court is not required

  • Maximum group size is 50 people

  • Competition is allowed

  • No spectators allowed

Step 3 on July 1 , assuming the rates of vaccination and infections go in the right direction,will continue to increase the allowable group sizes and spectators

Time line from via SPORT (updated June 1.2021)




Indoor pickleball doubles play is now offered at Kerry Park Mon/Wed/Friday 9:30 to 12:00.  COVID protocols are in place and pre-registration required.  See the registration requirements here.......


Kerry Park Recreation Centre has published a Concept Plan related to the six new courts planned in the field behind the curling/skating rinks.  The Concept has been developed with the input from the SCPC, and we believe represents the best practices gathered from other court developments.  We would welcome any comments on this plan.  The plan can be viewed here....  


On March 3rd a letter was sent to the Kerry Park Recreation Commission thanking them for their support in getting the Provincial Grant.   As well, a number of recommendations regarding court design were made including: access to courts, nets between courts, shade, court painting and court cushioning.   The full text of the letter can be read here.......



The CVRD has been awarded a Provincial Grant for an Outdoor Pickleball Complex at Kerry Park.  The preliminary plan is to have a gravel parking lot for approximately 30 cars, 6 pickleball courts, a picnic area, a walking trail around the perimeter of the complex and a small 2 stall washroom/change area. 


Work is already underway to get geo-tech and surveying done within the next several weeks and then design work completed early spring to allow a tender package out by June. 


Updated design work will be presented at the next Kerry Park Recreation Commission meeting scheduled for March 23rd.

Note that one of the requirements of the Grant recipients is that construction begins in 2021!!

We are extremely appreciative of all the support the the SCPC received from numerous folks at the CVRD.  Although we don't know everyone who had input into this initiative we would like to recognize the members of the Kerry Park Recreation Commission and Kim Liddle, Manager of the Kerry Park site for the time and effort they put in to making this happen.

 Watch this space for future developments